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The Creative Process

Watercolor Paintings - Watercolor is an unforgiving and difficult medium. Once the paint is applied to the paper, it is difficult to impossible to correct any errors. Even though it is a challenging medium, the transparent nature of the pigments allows creation of beautiful, light-filled artworks.

Unlimited color combinations are made possible by layering washes of color and allowing each layer to dry completely between applications. My original transparent watercolor paintings were all created on 140 or 300 lb. 100% rag watercolor paper (mostly Arches), using top brand tube watercolors. Watercolors can last for hundreds of years when properly cared for. I use the finest acid-free, archival materials for framing. All originals are signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings - I started to paint in oils and acrylics on canvas again after 30 years of working exclusively in watercolor. With watercolors, one traditionally works from light to dark, while in oils and acrylics, the opposite rule applies - dark to light. For me, it was very different and difficult! I went back to watercolors.

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