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Paintings - Creative Process

Paintings - Animals, Birds:

     Bill's Goat Hide and Seek Don't Feed the Seagulls Toucan

Paintings - Beaches:

     Beach Chairs Conch Shells on BeachThe Crab Herders Islands Charm Padre Island Dunes

     Red StripesBlue Beach Umbrellas 1Blue Beach Umbrellas 2Trunk Bay

Paintings - Coral Reefs:

     Coral Reef Dreams 1 Coral Reef Dreams 2 Coral Reef Dreams 3 Coral Reef Dreams 4 Coral Reef Dreams 5

Paintings - Flowers:

     Bird of Paradise Blackeyed Beauties (Blackeyed Susans) Bloomin' Horse Crippler Cactus,

     Calla Lilies in Vase Cannas Geraniums Sunny Hats (Mexican Hats) Texas Lace Cactus,

     Morning Glow (Morning Glories) Purple Passion (Passion Flower),

     Springtime Splendor (Yucca Blossoms)

Paintings - Sea Creatures:

     Friends (Baby Sea Turtles) Green Sea Turtles Green Sea Turtle Surfacing Hawksbill Sea Turtle,

     Hawksbill Sea Turtle 2,   Jellyfish Jubilee (Moon Jellyfish) Octopus' Delight Seahorse Heaven

     Soaring Eagle Rays (Spotted Eagle Rays),   Squid Ballet

Paintings - Tropical Fish:

     Junior Goes to School (Blue Tang)Clownfish CoupleFrench Angelfish Pair

     Hawaiian Triggerfish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa) Nassau Grouper Portrait,

     Orangespot Unicornfish Queen Angelfish Queen Triggerfish Portrait Raccoon Butterflyfish,

     Scrawled Filefish Striped Pajamas (Smallmouth Grunts) Stoplight Parrotfish

     Whitespotted Filefish Barred Hamlet Portrait Hogfish Portrait Juvenile Queen Angelfish Portrait

     Scrawled Cowfish Portrait Banded Butterflyfish Foureye Butterflyfish Smooth Trunkfish


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