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Green Sea Turtles, Watercolor, 22"x30" - I painted this from a photograph I took of juvenile sea turtles swimming in a tank at the Key West Aquarium. The patterns on their shells and the water ripples caught my eye. I consider this painting to be my signature piece, it took over 80 hours to complete. Original Sold.

Friends (Baby Sea Turtles), Watercolor, 15"x22" - Two newly hatched Hawksbill Sea Turtles swimming in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Original Sold.

Octopus' Delight, Watercolor, 15"x22" - Octopus are cephalopods (mollusks), they have no skeleton which allows them to slip through narrow spaces on the reef. This one is eating a cockle, and is holding the shell in it's tentacles. Original sold.

Green Sea Turtle Surfacing, Watercolor, 8"x10" - I spent an afternoon snorkeling with Green Sea Turtles in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They would munch on the turtle grass for awhile, then rise to the surface for a breath of air. It is amazing how long they can stay underwater. Original sold. Curious Sea Turtle, Watercolor, 8"x10" - A curious young sea turtle swam up to check me out while I was diving on the reef on a sunny day. Original sold.
Jellyfish Jubilee, Watercolor, 22"x30" - This painting is based on photos I took of the moon jellyfish exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They are a non-stinging variety that I have also encountered on many dives in the Caribbean. Original sold. Soaring Eagle Rays  (Spotted Eagle Rays), Watercolor, 22"x30" - I think eagle rays are one of the most beautiful, graceful creatures in the sea, and they are often seen swimming together in small groups. Original sold.
Hawksbill Sea Turtle 2, Watercolor, 8"x10"  - A little hawksbill sea turtle swam right up to while I was diving in the Caribbean on a beautiful sunny day. Original sold. Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Watercolor, 8"x10 - A sea turtle swims on a sunny coral reef with surface ripples and small fish in the background. Original sold.
Squid Ballet, Watercolor, 22"x30" - Caribbean Reef Squid are most often seen syncronized swimming in schools near the water's surface. When they feel threatened, they change colors in waves and become very vibrant. Original sold. Seahorse Heaven, Watercolor, 22"x30" - This is a painting of Caribbean seahorses in one of their favorite coral reef habitats, red rope sponge. It was inspired by several photos I have taken while diving in the Caribbean. Original sold.
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