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Blackeyed Beauties (Blackeyed Susans), Watercolor, 15"x22" - In this painting, I tried to capture the sun's warm glow on these classic and colorful flowers. Original sold.

Sunny Hats (Mexican Hats), Watercolor, 16"x20"  - A favorite Texas wildflower of the coneflower family in rust red and yellow in a sunny field of green. Technically, I consider this one of my best paintings. Original sold.

Morning Glow (Morning Glories), Watercolor, 15"x22" - These flowers almost glow in shades of purple and pink on a background of rich green leaves and vines. Original sold.

Purple Passion (Passion Flower), Watercolor, 15"x22" - An exotic flower that grows all over the world, the passion flower bears delicious edible fruit. In the southern US, they are called maypops. Artist's collection.

Texas Lace Cactus, Watercolor, 15"x22" - These cacti are native to the Texas Hill Country, and can be seen blooming in the spring. Springtime Splendor (Yucca Blossoms), Watercolor, 15"x22" - In the spring, the hillsides of central Texas are covered with the white bell shaped blossoms of the yucca. Original sold.
Calla Lilies in Vase, Watercolor, 15"x22" - The classic beauty of these white lilies in a vase by a sunny window made the perfect subject for a still life. Original sold. Bird of Paradise, Watercolor, 22"x30" - This fiery orange flower with its blue center on a background of deep green tropical foliage was painted from a photograph I took in Muir Garden, Kauai, Hawaii. Original sold.
Cannas, Watercolor, (painted from life)  16"x20" - I picked these vibrant orange tropical lilies in my yard and painted them on the spot against a background of blue and green. Original sold. Geraniums, Watercolor, (painted from life) 11"x14" - Geraniums in a terra cotta pot on a tile floor in a sunny window made a perfect subject for an afternoon of painting. Most of my paintings are from my own photos, but this one was painted from life. Original sold.

Bloomin' Horse Crippler Cactus, Watercolor, 16"x20" - A friend gave me this cactus from a ranch in West Texas, and it immediately proceeded to produce the most amazing hot pink blossoms. Original sold.

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